We have come to the 13th issue of LYF.
It is a seducing journey and a continuous challenge.
The constant pursuit of new worlds, new styles, new ways on conceiving design in our sector.

The process of creating each issue becomes a nearly natural battle that pushes us to go beyond the “already done and already written” and this is what we love; each time we find ourselves, and each time we dig deeper within our souls…it is inevitable.

13: a fascinating number, full of meaning, controversy, that recalls mythology, popular culture, and traditionally appears with different connotations, often opposing.

Therefore, the 13th issue, for us becomes an interesting opportunity to explore a wide range of concepts that plays on a variety of terminology and meanings, that chase each other, often opposing and reflecting each other at the same time.

Of the latter I share with you a snippet of her interview after she posed naked, already old and scarred by life.

In this thirteenth issue, we have touched upon the concept of evolution and transformation, contrast and change; we have presented the wealth of meaning of this issue through images with a “double soul” that are able to convey the intrinsically bipolar nature of the number 13 and its hidden harmony. Through a creative reading of this issue, opposites attract and mix, and lead us to unedited and unexpected images.

13 also evokes the story of our history, we are all a bit children of a Phoenix that emerges into a new life from her own ashes, just as we are sometimes forced to close a cycle and recreate our world by finding new sources of energy. Rebirth and starting over. Perhaps we transform ourselves, we change skin but remain identical and this is where our strength lies.

13…after all, is but a number!

 Cristina Frasca