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Has LYF changed me? I grew 6 years older since the first edition of LYF and I guess these 6 six years did change me, but honestly, I don’t think that LYF was determining in the changes I went through. Mind you, to me, LYF is a milestone in the optical landscape. Thanks to the vision and stubborn perseverance of Cristina Frasca and her team, LYF managed to create a medium for young, small and creative “no brand” companies. LYF magazine has in common with us the urge to bring beauty, to reinvent itself and to explore the borders of the technical limits continuously. I am sure that my colleagues will agree. Congratulations with this number 13 and we’re looking forward to number 14. ☺

Why this picture? LYF has always given a voice to “the honest”.
In a way one can say that LYF has protected them against “the bad”.
If you look carefully you’ll see a small “E” in the upper right corner. “Secret” or “Secrete”? I don’t know.
For me it refers to devil of editors: the typing error.

Other tips


“Has LYF changed me?”


“2 x 13 years ago, theo launched its first pair of glasses.”


“If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow and which will not Speak”
– Banquo, Macbeth Act I scene 3