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2 x 13 years ago, theo launched its first pair of glasses. Time flies! But does time change things or is it our perspective on life that changes? Twice a year, LYF Magazines ‘forces’ us – and we mean this in the kindest way – to reflect on a certain theme. It’s such a wonderful challenge every time, and often a real eye-opener. Then came LYF Magazine no 13. Now, theo is not a superstitious brand. We have a model named Mille+13 and a colour code 13. But there’s no use tempting faith, now is there? 13 LYF issues ago, we were putting all our efforts into making people happy.

Today, we have to acknowledge that it’s the theo wearers who are making us smile ever day! A fun tweet, a nice Instagram or Facebook post, a quick email – theo smiles are entering our world more easily, and how grateful we are for that! So let’s not take any chances with this number 13, and let’s spread some happiness.
So maybe we are superstitious. We believe in the lucky number 13! #theolovesyou

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“Has LYF changed me?”


“2 x 13 years ago, theo launched its first pair of glasses.”


“If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow and which will not Speak”
– Banquo, Macbeth Act I scene 3