theo loves you!

Swimming against the stream, theo’s number one aim will always remain putting a big smile on our customers’ faces!
Cause we’re happy, when you are! We want everyone to feel the heartwarming theo love! And yes, we have a lot of love to give. How do we do that?.

Simply, with frames that come straight from the heart. theo believes you can feel the love and fun in its frames. We want more than just making you feel beautiful. We want to make you feel like a rock star, a superhuman, an angel or even better, YOU! That’s how the theo collections distinguish themselves. We create eyewear for personalities. Edgy, colourful or humoristic, it all depends on the composition of the frame. Whether you like it simple or more extravagant, it’s our mission to help you find the frame of your dreams.
So, bare your teeth and SMILE!

Collection potatoes acetate: a delicious feast for the eyes!

A new twist, an innovative effect. theo just wouldn’t be theo without the constant cultivation of fresh new ideas. And, once again, the spotlight is on theo’s unique flex-hinge. But this time it’s combined with a front piece in acetate. The result: comfortable, well styled frames with a bit of body, that are unexpectedly lightweight, too.

Comfortable design

This new family has been created for design lovers looking for subtly subversive eyewear. For those who want that little extra dimension, without being too in-your-face about it, the play of horizontal lines in the temples combined with the fine acetate front piece are just the ticket.
Aside from design, the focus is also on wearability. The ultralight metal temples with the unique theo flex-system provide resilience to boost wearing comfort. The temples flow seamlessly into the front piece, creating lightweight glasses with a unique look and character.

Colour that whispers or shouts

The collection has something for everyone. There are six different shapes that each come in eight unique colour combinations. The styles range from young and brash, to elegant and feminine. But always highly contemporary and high-style. The colour combos, too, range from gentle ‘ton sur ton’ to more extravagant compositions. This makes a total of 48 unique looks that will beautifully express any wearer’s story.
The names in this ‘potatoes acetate’ collection have been given an international touch. The models irpel, brambor, pyra, terpomo, pieper and patatas are references to local food cultures from Friesland to Spain. Each model has its own typical form and qualities. But, just like the humble potato, this collection is bound to be a universally popular treat.

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