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We have specific areas on our body with hair and without hair.

Normally we have to cut the hair or to shave it (to be bold…) – otherwise the hair is becoming endlessly long.

But at some areas for some reasons the hair knows when to stop! But why? Does this hair teach himself (each other?!) when and how to stop growing? Does autodidactic hair exist?

Further on I wonder: who taught me (and my hair) to make love? Who taught me how to “plug in” my body into another body? And why?
Did my mother tell me? Did we have sex-sessions or lessons at school?
Is it an autodidactic issue? Or not?  Is it allowed to shoot autodidactic pictures with other autodidactic glasses on my autodidactic body, on regions with and without autodidactic hair – as long as not “ic! berlin” – for this AMAZING MAGAZINE?!!!

Hmmm, who can teach me or do I have to do it myself?!!

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“We have specific areas on our body with hair and without hair.”


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