One bolder and rounder, the other with smaller squared proportions, they feature a new alluring double-bridge with a sober vintage look, captivating proof of the mastery gained by HAPTER artisans and the precision work applied to minimal surfaces. ICONS Line | txtl001 collection ICONS line is HAPTER’s interpretation of iconic styles enriched by cultural significance, translated into cutting-edge and audacious design solutions, dedicated to demanding mountaineers scattered about every metropolitan area.

Inspired by a pair of glacier military goggles from the Second World War , found on a summit of the Italian Dolomite mountains in 2009, HAPTER was founded by locals Eric Balzan and Mirko Forti in January 2013. It features a trademark tactile expressiveness obtained by a special fusion of surgical steel to high-end fabrics manufactured in Cerruti Woollen Mills 1881 historical factory, inspired by their military archives of the 1920s and 1940s. Thanks to a special mix of advanced design, fibres and materials, HAPTER has already been the recipient of some of the most prestigious international design awards and has been selected to be featured by the most exquisite and selective fashion and optical shops around the globe. The name HAPTER was chosen by the concept of “haptic perception”, the process of recognizing objects through touch, as a contribution to the return to see the world around us without the mono-direction of visual conditioning. PRIME line | sunglasses|txtl001 collection PRIME line sunglasses G01S and G02M showcase a specific interpretation of the aviator shape, translated by HAPTER’s trademark design and materials.

Thewideanddominantbridgeincontrastingfabriccreatesadistinctiveretromountainlook, whileprotectingthedelicateforefront in harsh weather conditions. Equipped with almost-flat scratch-resistant Carl ZEISS sunlenses with Silver and Bronze HiPro 5-layer mirroring, they offer maximum protection also in extreme atmospheric conditions. This line has been chosen to introduce the new amazing Alpine Purple fabric, custom-developed at the Cerruti factory exclusively for HAPTER, inspired by the Purple Circle symbol of Hapter’s UNGENDERED design approach.

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