What was conceived in New York needs more air, silence and stars at night. 
After 17 years in New York, Max and Gala Shustovskiy are moving to the Northern Neck of Virginia, which was the birthplace of three of the first five Presidents of the United States – George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe. 

The new Workshop is nested in the middle of fields and forests by the Chesapeake Bay.
With lots of sky, hundred-year-old trees and most beautiful birds and wildlife Max will be able to fully devote himself to his craft. Remote places give an invaluable opportunity to create without distractors so necessary for the artist. 

Max will continue handcrafting bespoke and ready-to-wear eyewear from various types of ethically sourced horn and acetate, incorporate gold, silver, gemstones inlays and decorative etching. He will continue experimenting with shapes, colors, materials and techniques. 

Bird & Cage will remain one of a kind eyewear handcrafted by Max Shustovskiy from start to finish. Watch out for the new pairs ‘Hand made by Max Shustovskiy in Heathsville’.

“With the growing retail and consumer base for Blake’s designs and appreciation for his keen aesthetic sensibility, we have invested in growing the number of offerings each season – this release being our largest. Product is key, and this is where we feel our resources are best placed”, says Richard Mewha, President of Fade To Grey, the distributing company for Kuwahara’s line.

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