“Design begins in the mind and comes from the heart”, says Sven Götti whose style principle is reduction. The glasses designed by him are timeless and well thought out in every detail, combining innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship at the highest level of quality. “The scent of freshly polished frames and the intense colors never fail to amaze me”, continues Götti,“what could be more exciting than to imagine that precisely these eyeglasses find the right person to wear them?”. Götti glasses embody authenticity in everyday life. The collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form, providing latitude for expression of a person’s individual character.

It takes time to combine traditional craftsmanship and industrial innovation at the highest level. Precise implementation and carefully chosen details result in the ideal fit. With their harmonious proportions and an insistence on state-of-the- art technology, the frames stand equally for timeless design and functionality.
Götti glasses stand for Swissness. With Götti Perspective rimless eyeglasses the brand reinvents itself, making them into the most progressive glasses of the day – technically as well as aesthetically. The precise, ultralight, and infinitely comfortable construction is produced in the own manufactory in Switzerland. In the same manufactory began the story for the high precision 3D printed glasses Götti Dimension.

I see BOLD
At Mido we launch the new collection Perspective BOLD, a strong reduction with character. The collection is based on the innovative application of 3D printing in combination with the lightness of the rimless collection. It is an ultra-fine line which follows the contour of the glasses, creating a sophisticated interplay of finesse and presence.

It’s the fusion of two worlds. A fine line of 3D printed polyamide powder frames the contour of the glasses giving it a distinctive characteristic and the silky-matte surface and the transparency of the lenses create an exciting union – sometimes dominant, sometimes only as a color accent. The stability of the frame is the result of a clever construction held together completely without screws and soldering points, resulting in an ultra-light frame with a profile. Eight colors from Berry, Denim and Mocca, to Ash and Moss can be combined with the metallic surfaces gold, silver and black – adding color to the mix.

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