LPLR Eyewear (acronym for “La Petite Lunette Rouge”) is born from an encounter between Alison Hemmes, designer, and Hilarhi Arcade, founder of the brand. The name “La petite lunette rouge” comes from the brand’s logo, which Alison designed before the creation of her first glasses.
Behind anagrams, that mask their true identities to focus on their creations, Alison and Hilarhi like to play with the provocative spirit of contemporary art. Boldness is the driving force behind their quest for singularity and modernism. When it comes to sunglasses, “Everything has already been done in optical creation, so we must revisit the past to make the future”, says Hilarhi.
Thus, the basis of their work revolves around the 80s. Each of the frames is signed with a double bridge tightened as a nod to the solar clips of this decade. In contrast with the past where the upper bar was only red, nowadays it is coloured in different shades.
The manufacture is French, with the exception of a few titanium frames made in Japan.

Our heroes and influences
Marcel Duchamp and his non conformist designs. Daring to put a moustache on the famous Mona Lisa, along with its extremely provocative title L.H.O.O.Q., simply was pure genius.
We both love to break rules and traditions, and that gives us a lot of room to play!

Hilarhi always tells Alison that rules are made to be broken, and we play a lot with this.
Raymond Loewy, during his time, had plenty to break. All his work and creativity were extremely modern. For instance, his Lucky Strike packaging, which he created in 1940, is still on the market, even though it seemed so bold and extravagant back then.
Famous Architect Zaha Hadid is a favourite, as well: she breaks and changes all traditional rules and styles, and all the buildings she designed are true pieces of contemporary art.
We also have a very soft spot for the energy of Jean-Michel Basquiat!
We love these people and each of our frames is a tribute to them. Just like we hide our identity behind an acronym, you can play to find who is the person hidden behind the anagram in the names of our frames Muchpad, Woely, Didah or Quatibas…
For the next exhibitions, we keep on following our ideas and continue to evolve in terms of designs, such as the development from A to Z of a double hinge with the shape of our red logo, or new acetate shells like on our Kröjb model for example.
We always want to go as far as possible and as Yves Saint Laurent said “I’d prefer to shock rather than bore through repetition”.

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