After the opening of its flagship store in Milan last November, the first decade anniversary is another great milestone for L.G.R, the Italian luxury eyewear company founded by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. The Heritage Limited Edition celebrates 10 years of L.G.R history by combining the brand’s African roots and elegance with an innovative touch on four iconic models: Asmara, Casablanca, Keren, and Reunion. Each of these features polarized tempered mineral glass lenses and matt acetate frames with different hues. The avant-garde touch is in the newest acetate flaps characterized by thin graceful slits, reminiscent of the shapes of the Ottica Bini’s mullioned windows in Asmara, which was the eyeglass emporium created by Luca’s grandfather. L.G.R’s 10th anniversary is celebrated by this collection that not only looks back at its heritage, but gazes upon the future providing a balance between a timeless aesthetic and contemporary style.
And that’s not all, since the Spring/Summer 2018 season is vibrant with many other novelties which will be unveiled through new styles and two special lines: the Capri Collection and the Yacht Club Collection.

L.G.R presents an update on the Capri Collection, which is inspired by the atmosphere, colors and lifestyle of the iconic island, with the two new models Orchid and Bouganville, and the innovative acetate color Limoncello. An Italian kaleidoscope of sophistication and purity for the eyes of those who seek to look faraway.
After the success of the special editions for the Yacht Club de Monaco, Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, and the Mill Reef Club of Antigua, L.G.R launches the Yacht Club Collection, designed for those sea adventurers who seek the best of their nautical experience through high performance protective lenses. Skipper, the first model of this exclusive collection, combines elegance, functionality and high levels of performance. With its classic lines, sportive touch and the maximum technical value of its lenses, Skipper is conceived for life at the Yacht Club within any moment of the day, from adrenaline regattas to boat trips, and from lunches at the harbor to aperitifs at sunset.
Tobruk is another great news. An Italian military-inspired frame, reminiscent of the Cyrenaican port city on Libya’s eastern Mediterranean coast, best suited for those who are adventurous both in style and in life. A highly protective and resistant frame that will allow any adventurer to contemplate the surroundings of the desert and unspoilt wilderness.
Since 2008, L.G.R has preserved Italian eyewear craftsmanship by combining it with its heritage rooted in colonial Africa. With this blend, L.G.R continues to masterfully enrich its world by creating new models through refined and functional new designs and materials.

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