We could be a good fit
ROLF‘s high-quality and extremely light wood, stone and horn eyewear are handmade. A main focus of the company is to set design trends and realize new and innovative ideas. The in-house research and development department has invented a new type of natural eyeglasses and is always working to improve quality and service. ROLF is dealing with selected high-end independent opticians, which makes it possible to follow their idea of building long-term relationships and creating new business projects.
ROLF and MONOCEROS glasses do not need screws and metal, they are maintenance-free and ideal for allergy sufferers. Since 2009, ROLF Spectacles has been a pioneer in creating natural eyewear.

ROLF Spectacles ‘moving’ technology
Densely compressed wood and natural rubber form the basis for the new flexible, screw-less, and metal-free hinge. The result of this symbiosis is an innovative and visually appealing hinge, which rotates freely and thus guarantees a perfect and comfortable fit of your glasses. This is a huge step forward regarding the flexibility of natural eyewear.

Always in motion
When timeless eyewear design meets innovative know-how, ROLF Spectacles continues to enjoy an exciting and creative time, designing and manufacturing lightweight frames made from wood in their Tyrolean eyewear factory. New innovations – including the SILVER wood combination, a shimmering tone, cool and elegant whitewood – and the latest models from the EVOLVED collection.

Eyewear model Bug with its harmonious lines and delicate eyeglass rim gently flatters the face. A smart statement for a natural and stylish look.

The circular model Sprite is aimed at the lovers of pure minimalist design. Created for a timeless and cool appearance.

Model Ace is deliberately restrained and yet elegant. A very subtle blend suited to soft facial features whilst conveying a natural authority in style and color.

Our tradition and history build our credibility. This is what sets ROLF Spectacles apart MONOCEROS – the latest line by ROLF Spectacles
The MONOCEROS horn frames from one piece of horn are produced in the traditional factory in Tyrol. In doing so, ROLF Spectacles once again shows how our ambitious and innovative ideas are transformed into stylish and light frames from natural materials.
HUMIDOR – the well-deserved garage for your natural glasses
The new Humidor is available for all lines, ROLF and MONOCEROS. A noble
leather case, with a precise hygrometer in the lid, stylish and safe at the same
time, ensures the optimal climate, maintains and protects the natural ROLF or
MONOCEROS frame, both at rest and at night. The ideal storage place for
natural glasses.

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