Ageless Einzelgänger

Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


We are anti-fashion designers based in New York City, who value the history of visual arts that we think it’s beautiful, and fashion is just our major subject to visualize our vision.
The meaning of Ageless comes from our goal to create garments that people purchase when they are young, and that age with them who make marks on them, such as tears or smell, reminding of certain moments when they were wearing those garments.
A garment that a 10 year old as well as a 70 year old could share, a garment that you want to keep on wearing and that has beauty with no effort. The meaning of Einzelgänger comes from our attitude towards current fashion industry.
We do not appreciate mass production and waste, and we are not designing something new, we study histories that we believe are beautiful, and our job is to translate them into our voice with our aesthetic. We believe that there are enough designers trying to design something new, so we are designing backwards, we want to maintain and continue the beautiful legacy that many artists have left for our generation, we do not want them to get forgotten. Our final goal is not just to make beautiful garments. When someone wears our garment, and that means our garment has just entered someone else’s daily life, we highly respect and appreciate that, and we would like to provide different ways in which our designs would be part of someone’s daily life.
Our aim is to become lifestyle designers, not just fashion designers, while preserving the beautiful legacy that has been left for us.

Kie Hye Lee: creative director
Jin Lee: production director
Everything is made by us

Daniel Gregory Natale

Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


Focus and diversion are part of couturier Daniel Gregory Natale’s persona, and both of these concepts interacting with each other are mirrored in his eponymous collections.
A shift in interest from traditional architecture to garment construction, inspired by the design movement of Brutalism, allows Natale to craft womenswear consisting of numerous panels, layering, overflowing cuts and textures.
What results are clothes which move and morph with whoever adorns them, unbound by tradition with imagination as the only restriction.

I love the focus of the garments being on the form and the material, rather then very fine details like top stitches or what not. There are entire stories in the layers of each look and how the diferent textures of the fabrics within each of the looks interact with one another as a whole.
I like the complexity of layering and trying to find the right proportions and textures for each layer, while being cohesive to the design concept.
This is my goal to continue researching and discovering the harmony and symphony that is created when different textures are utilized to create a singular body of work.

Emiliano Maggi

Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


Emiliano Maggi (Rome 1977) lives and works in Rome.
The multi-faceted artist’s research has always succeeded in combining psychedelic scenarios to mythological symbolism, rituality and rural iconography made of fairy tales and dreams to hypnotic scenes like as in local 70‘s horror movies. All these elements are narrated by a polyhedric production that ranges from performance to jewellery production, from the praised musical project “Estasy” to pictorial and photographic works.

Among his main exhibitions:
“Levitate”, Quartier 21, Vienna (2015); “The Nymphs
Orchestra”, Church of Santa Rita, Rome (2015);
“Palmithi”, The Palms Museum, Palermo (2015);
“Danse Royale”, Operativa Arte, Rome (2015);
“Diversi Muri”, Swiss Institute, Rome (2014); “There is
no place like home”, Rome (2014); “The Nymph Song”,
Mona Museum, Tasmania (2014); ”The Draftmen’s
Congress”, Swiss Institute, Rome (2013); ”Subway
Dreams”, the Newsstand & Nero magazine for the Art
Book Fair, NY; “Vision & Prayer”, Lorcan O’Neill
Gallery, Rome (2013); ”Les intermittences du coeur”,
Ex Elettrofonica, Rome (2012);”Regeneration”,
Macro, Rome (2012); “Patria Interiore”, Goldent Threat
Gallery, Belfast (2012); “Twin mind”, Spazio
Carbonesi, Bologna (2012); ”Argenti Dominus Vulpes”,
Rongwrong Gallery, Amsterdam (2012);
“When in Rome”, Italian Culture Institute, Los Angeles
(2011); “Life is Art”, Santa Rosa, California;
“Danse Macabre”, Nomas Foundation, Rome (2010);
“New Orleans Art Biennial”, KKK Projects Gallery, New
Orleans (2008).
Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi
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