Hi Garrett, it’s a pleasure for LYF to ask you some questions. Tell us something about your background and your path. You grew up eating ‘bread and glasses’ thanks to your father Larry, one of the founders of Oliver Peoples, and to your mother. Would you have imagined to achieve so great a success with your collection Garrett Leight? How was it born?

I never think that way. I’ve always been taught to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I mean that I always live in the moment. I follow my heart and my mind relentlessly and I’m rarely satisfied, always hungry for more. So I never imagined anything, I just live in the moment.

Garrett 1990

What must a frame represent for the person who wears it?

I don’t think it has to represent anything. On the contrary it can represent everything, that’s really up to the user. For me is just like looking a certain way with my style with high quality products.

What are the differences between Garrett Leight and Mr. Leight collections?

My father and I have a very similar DNA when it comes to style and aesthetics. We both appreciate a specific classic and timeless type of look and style, but coming from totally different generations.
Myself being a millennial and my dad coming from his generation, we have a different audience. Of course there is cross over there, but typically his generation wants even more exclusivity and attention to detail.
They appreciate the challenge of finding something great. My generation is about convenience, great things need to be attainable, it’s not necessarily about the journey. So only with the Mr. Leight collection we went to Japan to manufacture in limited quantities with exclusive and rare materials like titanium. Generally speaking, Mr. Leight is a luxury elevated experience from the Leight family.
Garrett Leight collection is more youthful and accessible while still being exclusive.

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Where do your visions take inspiration from and how much do your culture and the environment you live in feed your ideas?

Los Angeles is my home and my inspiration. The people I surround myself with and things that I do in my life inspire my vision. That also includes my travels and meeting people from all walks of life.
I’m also very inspired by sports and athletes. I love following them and particularly the best athletes on the grandest stage sharing the most important messages in life that I can apply to my work. I’m a competitor, I always have been.

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