Whether gazing to the future or casting light upon the everyday, Lasnik Eyewear always sees things differently. This family business has little regard for convention or mediocrity and instead continually strives to innovate and adapt.
The story of Lasnik Eyewear began in 1996 in the Styrian Rosental, when master optician Gerald Lasnik and his son Martin opened their first very own eyewear shop.
In January 2016, after fourteen years as a professional footballer, his second son Andreas joined the enterprise to complete the family portrait.
Together, they combine a wide range of talents and competencies that personify the uniqueness of Lasnik Eyewear.
Gerald, during his training as an optometrist, mastered the art of handcrafting glasses and discovered an everlasting passion. From his time as a professional athlete, Andreas not only brings with himself an extensive network, but is also gifted with an easy rapport with people and supplies goal-oriented thinking. And lastly Martin, with his deep affinity for design and trends, provides the innovative foundation of the company.

The combination of these strengths result in a range of products that set Lasnik Eyewear apart from archetypal opticians. For instance 2009 SEEOO, an exclusive brand that playfully reinvents and breathes new life into the form of pince-nez glasses. Such elaborate innovation resulted not only in an enthusiastic international response and several Red Dot Design Awards, but also in various intriguing collaborations. Including the Monaleon collection, which harnesses the technical finesse of IC! Berlin to provide the unique SEEOO design with even more flexibility.
Another collaboration, which is garnering international attention, is that between Martin Lasnik and the renowned Design Bureau 13 & 9 which manifested itself in the Diamond Shades collection, which also received a coveted Red Dot Design Award.
With such an extensive collection of eyewear, the next logical step was to develop the means to properly clean and care for them. The company achieved this in 2017 with the release of the stylish “Eyeshaker”. The first complete spectacle cleaning system that promises exciting future collaborations with top brands, true to the motto ‘shaken not smeared’.
Creativity knows no boundaries and, as a first foray into the wider world of fashion, a collection of jackets ‘Made in the Alps’ was released, using a patented concept to synergize the glasses as a functional and stylish accessory.
And to cap it all, Lasnik Eyewear are also currently designing and producing glasses for and with David Alaba, a perfect match, no less!

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