TAVAT is a global brand headed up by Jeremy and Roberta Baines, a father-daughter duo.
He’s British, she’s American, yet the business, conceived in California, is headquartered in the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy, where all development, manufacturing and logistics are based.

The idea behind TAVAT came about in the late 90’s when it became evident that the business was being taken over by licensed brands, mass marketers and discounters, with the inevitable loss of quality, service and, above all, choice.
Jeremy, with his friend and designer Norman Schureman, decided to build a brand which would be recognized for excellence in both eyewear and eye care, dedicated to working exclusively with independent optical professionals who share their aims and convictions. Having set the mission, their ambition was to create a timely yet timeless collection, which would differentiate TAVAT from other companies.

TAVAT presents its capsule collection “Kafée Racer”, which launches with a statement piece designed by Miguel Harry, an aspiring designer from The Art Center College of Design. He took inspiration from the world of the Café Racing and strived to make an innovative piece of eyewear inspired by the functional and aesthetic elements of Café Racers, which are popular now more than ever.
Having their origins in England in the 1960s, these motorcycles embodied the idea that less is more, reducing elements to create a unique aesthetic and ultimately lightweight. These principles were kept in mind to create a timeless eyewear piece that references the rebel spirit of riders and spectators alike.

To this day, these core values remain TAVAT’s benchmark. TAVAT continues to offer functional iconic eyewear, combining performance and design with great respect for tradition. Eyewear crafted by artisans, yet incorporating modern materials with timeless design.

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