Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


Innerraum is a new form of language translated into individual polyphonic objects.
Polyphonic objects that, through the manipulation of the concept of luxury, disintegrated into an ecstatic conflict with our own subconscious, affirming the birth of a new, futuristic, aesthetic; an aesthetic never seen before that dialogues with our past, with our memory and with our daily life affirming a new vision of luxury.
Each of the individual objects in the Innerraum collection is a bearer of memory and innovation at the same instant, this is precisely what makes each of them a ‘polyphonic object’.
Objects that enable us to communicate directly with our subconscious and with our curiosity at the same time, in a plot that connects us, that seduces us. Innerraum is a multifaceted project born in the island of Berlin and handmade in Italy. Each object is a unique piece assembled by hands at Innerraum’s laboratory.



OLOAPITREPS works along an alternative timeline, producing subversive and twisted interpretations of fashion.
The instantly identifiable collections are seasonless and timeless; whilst vintage, repurposed elements are key, the resulting vision sits firmly
in the future. Fabric structures are distorted and disfigured, placing garments far from their originally intended objectives. The addition of obsessional levels of complex detailing and manipulation reveals not only inspirational design but exceptional technical skill.
These subversive and potently original creations have understandably gained the attention of notable fashion press and photographers, featuring in i-D, Dazed and Hunger to name but a few. OLOAPITREPS now has an ever-growing stockist list of conceptual stores and boutiques around the world. Although OLOAPITREPS presents as menswear, editorials and even the brands’ own Lookbook imagery feels quasi-sexual. There remains a strong element of freedom, ambiguity and inclusion; gender is completely unrestricted.
Similarly unrestricted by fashion norms, the designer behind OLOAPITREPS remains refreshingly anonymous, allowing the work to enjoy full focus.


Born among the wild landscapes of the southern Italian coast and a keen collector of objects and magazines, the visionary behind the brand as a child became obsessed with clothes and photography. Having first moved to the city of Milan to study Fashion Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design, OLOAPITREPS later relocated to London, attracted to the street-style cultures of the capital and subsequently studied at Central St Martins and the London College of Fashion. It was during this formal education that the technical skills to interpret these honest, unique visions into physical work were honed.
The OLOAPITREPS client has an uninhibited persona and is brave enough to experience a different way of wearing. Through a dynamic exchange of innovative thought and conceptualisation, the designer creates pieces as though lifted from dreams or perhaps delusions, exhibiting a truly especial talent. Far from purposefully rejecting traditional fashion and aiming to create something other, the designer’s work appears more as the manifestation of the conflict of chaos in both mind and surroundings, a natural by-product of this uniquely creative individual.



IK LAB is a new arts and cultural space set within the ecologically inspired resort Azulik, found amidst the Mayan jungle of Tulum, Mexico. With its organic and imaginative architecture conceived by Roth (Eduardo Neira), the space, which captures the quintessence of theYucatan peninsula’s abundant nature and rich spiritual heritage, radically reconsider the relationship between art and its physical environment. IK LAB is defined by its savvy combination of ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, applied sustainability, lived spirituality and collective experiences, which will culminate in a new way of making and experiencing art.
Through its presentation of groundbreaking contemporary art exhibitions, its avant-garde residency program, and its roster of prominent international artists IK LAB offers a space for the creation of cultural experiences for Tulum’s local community and for international visitors, while exploring the boundaries of the art experience.

Eduardo Neira (Roth)
Azulik Ocean View

About Azulik
Azulik, an adult-only hotel, offers luxurious eco-friendly accommodations with seafront and jungle views. It was built with only local materials, with an eye to the natural environment that surrounds this magical place. Azulik is a perfect retreat for nature lovers, honeymooners, and those looking for a reconnection with themselves.


IK LAB Overview
IK LAB Artur Lescher