Let’s LOOPin and make the world better together

For 20 years LA LOOP has been committed to building communities of empathetic people who are engaged and have a keen eye for design. Surprisingly and amazingly, the product has been the conduit to connecting LOOPERS around the world.
LOOPERS are our fans… people who wear LA LOOP day in and day out and can’t live without it.

Our LOOPERS this season will find layering pieces from us. We have gold chains that wrap around two and three times.
We believe that style is personal and we encourage and even demand 🙂 that LA LOOPs be worn layered with one’s existing favorite pieces. To us that defines personal style. The craftsmanship behind our leather and sterling pieces is accentuated by a higher level of detail. Simple yet elegant is our motto. 20 years ago we set forth on a path to combine style and function.

Our signature and patented swivel hinges remain at the forefront of why the product works and why LA LOOP is now sold across 28 countries.
As 2020 sets forth, we are proud to announce LOOPin – the social good division of LA LOOP. LOOPin mobilizes our tribe to make the world a better place, one small act at a time.
Watch for LOOPin grants and volunteer days which will honor and celebrate people who give back and celebrate those who engage in their local communities. We aim to shine light on people who are doing good in the world.

We are also excited to launch two other initiatives: a Signature Series line that will collaborate with notable public figures & celebrities and design limited edition styles for them and, second, an Ambassador program in which we will partner with prominent influencers to help amplify our message.

2020 is a momentous year and I can’t wait to LOOPin with all of you.

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