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In German, the sun is female and the moon is male.
This gives a totally different perspective from childhood on.
He is the one causing bad dreams and sleepless nights on the one hand, but on the other hand he makes frosty nights sparkle like millions of diamonds with his incomparable blueish light.
When I have a look at our eyewear collection now,
I clearly see the gold colours connected with the sun and the cold platinum reflecting the character of the moon’s light.
He makes the wolves howl and the dogs bark at night.
But on some nights, when he rises and appears as a huge ball or
when we are aware of the tide, he shows the power
of influence he has on all of us.
As we live in the countryside we still know nights without any
artificial lights, so for me clear full moon nights are
the most beautiful ones whether it is frosty minus 10°
or a warm Summer night where the fireflies make you feel
like you were in fairyland… I love the moon.

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