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The moon invites us all to dream, today as in the past. What does the moon mean to me? It transports me to other spheres far away from the real world and lets me “float” in a moment between dream and reality.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was strongly aware of the moon’s magic and author Cyrano de Bergerac, too, was fascinated by it.
In addition to notable moments in literature, the moon is fundamental to Fritz Lang’s great silent movie “Frau im Mond” (Woman in the Moon) from 1929, in which the scientist Georg Manfeldt (Klaus Pohl) decides to carry out the first expedition to the dark side of the moon… This visually stunning silent movie is just as wonderful in 2020 as it was almost one hundred years ago!

The burlesque phantasmagorical operetta “Frau Luna” (Mrs. Moon) from 1922 by the composer Paul Lincke, portrays the moon as an eternal amusement park: Venus, Mars and the gods of the stars meet at glittering parties. Prince Shooting Star loves Mrs. Moon, but she loves another.
It is an eternal theme: the moon and love!

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The moon and love

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