A diciannoveventitre

by Simone Cecchetto

A DICIANNOVEVENTITRE / A1923 by Simone Cecchetto explores the properties of materials and construction through the exploration of new territories. Reinterpreting existing techniques A1923 pays homage to the work of true artisans and their devotion to craftsmanship. Through the production process of leather and construction the product communicates the value of time. Do not handle with care.


by Makoto & Karin Horisaki

Located in the heart of the Swedish countryside, design studio Horisaki creates exclusive artisanal hats. Run by Makoto and Karin Horisaki, the company features an in-house production that takes place direcly in their farm in the country of Småland, Sweden. Their love for craftmanship and manual labour reflects into their headpieces, which combine their Japanese-Swedish roots with traditional millinery techniques.


by Takayoshi Yamanami

Unable to find his ideal jewelry, he started making his own while working as a buyer. In 1995: Launch of Detaj. The creative process always starts by developing a feeling for the material, by endless trials, making the most of the metal properties. In the distortion of the air, in shared times… Inspiration is always there. Away from decorative concerns, the goal is to find some beauty in the functionality and structure of objects. All Detaj jewelry is handmade in his workshop. Regardless of gender, creations address the individual.
“We find beauty in function and structure. We see beauty in both creation and destruction. we can see god’s beauty in rubble. Tinkering is synonymous with polishing. knowing the past in synonymous with knowing the present. Being avant-garde is synonymous with understanding the classic. Every accomplishment is the beginning of a new standard.”


by Shamia

Wood casting, a furniture combining cast aluminium and wood. The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value by preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk, within explicit boundaries. The general, squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and at the same time keeps the memory of the material.


by Matteo Ugolini / Karman

Scrivimi, white suspension lamp invites you to leave a message, in the bottom: the effect of shrunken paper, a particular feature allowed by a versatile material as ceramic, that can create unexpected (crumpled) shapes.


by Maurizio Peregalli

ZEUS is a design furniture collection, self-produced, distributed worldwide. Main designers are Maurizio Peregalli, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Franco Raggi, Marie-Christine Dorner, Ron Arad. The choice of materials is industrial and natural at the same time. Linoleum flooring is used to cover tables and consoles. Iron sheet steel, phosphatized and waxed, is used combined with stainless steel: precious and poor materials together. Extreme contrasts as a whole, the strength of stainless steel and the materiality of iron.


by Bleu Nature

While some things erode, others stand the test of time… Indeed, Bleu Nature has made working with untreated wood, eroded leather and the impermanence of things into a strength and a trademark. The passing of time and its effect on materials, along with respect for natural patinas, are generous muses that have been guiding and inspiring Bleu Nature’s designs for 20 years now.


by Sandy Skoglund
Photos courtesy of Galleria Paci contemporary (Brescia, IT)

Sandy Skoglund, an American photographer and installation artist. She creates surrealist images by building elaborate sets or tableaux, furnishing them with carefully selected colored furniture and other objects. The works are characterized by an overwhelming amount of one object and either bright, contrasting colors or a monochromatic color scheme.

Sandy Skoglund, Radioactive Cats, 1980
Sandy Skoglund, Revenge of the Goldfish, 1981


by Leslie Krims

Leslie Krims is a conceptualist photographer. He is noted for his carefully arranged fabricated photographs (called “fictions”), various candid series, a satirical edge, dark humor, and long-standing criticism of what he describes as leftist twaddle.

Leslie Krims, Fall on Fargo Avenue, Facing the West Side Armory, Buffalo New York
Leslie Krims, Ripening Tomatoes & Nude, 1969