FALVIN Eyewear mixes an aesthetic attitude with modern Nordic architecture.
The Danish eyewear designer Birgitte Falvin is a strong conceptual thinker who has always been interested in design, fashion and styling, and whose stylish and trendsetting Titanium collection is presented by leading opticians around the world.
The quality of FALVIN´s frames is a remarkable combination of Danish design and Japanese perfection. The collection is inspired by architecture and the avantgarde surface design is a beautiful mix of precious metals and elegant colours.
The key source of inspiration for FALVIN’s collection is the spectacular architectural building “Black Diamond” at the urban waterfrontcof Copenhagen. The building houses the Royal Danish Library. “The palette of colours displayed when the light hits the surfaces during the day inspired me to name the frames Moonlight, Twilight, Zenith, Dawn, Helios, Eclipse, Subsolar”, says Birgitte Falvin.

Halo is a new frame that will be launched at the upcoming SILMO Fair. It is a round fashionable semi-rimless model with precious matte surface details. It is an elegant addition onto FALVIN´s eyewear concept of two-toned signature Titanium frames.

All the frames in FALVIN´s collection can be customized with diamonds, which are carefully selected by a top Danish jeweller.
They are set using traditional techniques to ensure a long-lasting quality. The sparkling Wesselton diamonds resemble the water’s glittering surface when light reflects off the granite-clad surfaces of the Black Diamond building.

The precious plating on FALVIN´s frames is a palette of 24 carat gold, white and rose gold, complemented with glittering Wesselton diamonds that underline a contemporary Nordic look.

FALVIN’s colour range and silhouettes are carefully selected to match most wardrobes, based on Birgitte´s elaborate research process and on her many years of experience with design, styling and fashion. FALVIN’s frames combine classic elements and urban elegance. The conceptual design makes the frames easy to display, because a strong design language connects the collection.

“A perfect fit and silhouettes that complement the different face shapes are very important to me.
I spend long time with the compositions so the optician always can present a frame from the FALVIN’s collection that will make the customer look good – aesthetic attitude is part of our DNA”, Birgitte Falvin explains.

The strong focus on aesthetic and composition means that FALVIN’s frames are the perfect choice – wearable with both business and leisure clothes, as well as with glamorous evening wear.
Contemporary elegance, superb craftsmanship, and functionalist Danish design combine in an enviable aesthetic attitude.

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