Reinvention specialist RIGARDS demonstrates that, in the right hands, traditional materials can be reinvigorated into dynamic, sexy silhouettes. From heart-pounding new styles and elegant craftsmanship to double-take-worthy finishes.

RIGARDS RG2020WO: nominated for SILMO d’OR 2017, category design sunglasses
A pairing of tradition (think artisanal skills, Inuit visor) and science-fiction machine-age aesthetics (B-2 stealth bomber, Boba Fett, and Terminator), RIGARDS’s foray into wood frames is an innovative structure that is sure to stand out on any planet.
As an organic evolution of the aviator anatomy, RG2020WO distinguishes itself with an ultra-thin visor lens fabricated from a single piece of polyamide. Strong and light, large but not absurd, the shield construction has a gentle mirror coating and takes the heat flawlessly whether it be from sunrays or flashbulbs.
The frame’s most powerful identity is perhaps the beautifully-grained solid wood top bar—a reference to the infinity symbol and the elegant flying buttresses of Gothic architecture.
Sleek beta-titanium temples and adjustable horn nose pads ensure a great fit and comfort. A cross between cool sophistication and badass renegade, dedicated to devotees of all things bold and bodacious.

RIGARDS RG0074: Nominated for SILMO Paris 2017 “50th ANNIVERSARY” Special Award
The hypnotic sight of a majestic Manta Ray gliding silently through the waves and light provided the notion for RIGARDS RG0074.
Forming the defining feature of the frames are the dynamic lines and indelible bridge detail—an embodiment of the graceful curvature and head fins (“devils’ horns”) of the phantom-like sea creature.
The distinctive bridge design also resembles a half-closed yet ever-watchful extra eye, an inspired nod to mythical Eastern Gods like Erlang Shen and Fudo Myo-o, known for their truth-seeing third eye in the middle of the forehead.
The choice of handpicked solid yet translucent genuine horn, evocative of precious striated jade, sublimates the frames with a material ambiguity that itself is a hallmark of RIGARDS.
The refreshing sculptural style is wholly organic and devoid of the sterile machine-finished look characteristic of typical horn frames in the market.
Every line in the design is considered, every daring shaved plane has a reason. The restrained rather than overdone handpolishing hits all the right notes.
The icing on the cake: flexible beta-titanium temples that offer ease of adjustment and snug fit.

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