Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


Fresh from her first show in the official schedule of Paris fashion week calendar, Uma Wang can be defined one of China’s first global labels.å Since the launch of her brand in 2009 she showcased catwalk collections in London, Shanghai and Milan fashion weeks and she has garnered critical acclaim from industry insiders. Wang trained at the Chinese Textile University in Shanghai and at Central Saint Martins in London. She launched her own label in 2009 and “Italian Vogue” proclaimed her an ‘up and coming talent’. In 2012, the Council of Fashion Designers of America picked Uma Wang for its inaugural China Exchange. Uma Wang’s signature technique fuses knits with fabric, balancing sophistication with a timeless design. A continuous research in transforming materials and images into precious fabrics and shapes brings the designer on a constant travel around the world, where different cultures and fascinating stories are the best inspiration for the collections. Uma Wang realisation can be found in her flagship boutique in Shanghai and in her label stocked in the major global cities.


Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


The brand Ilariusss was born in 2013 and
involves an instinctive creative impulse which
is translated into the “expression of the hat”.
It is marked by a conscious irreverence which
always succeeds in satisfying the yearning
for something incredible and, for this reason,
its first collections are surreal and playful at
the same time, being like an open door on
a theatrical eccentricity where every hat is a
main character.
The deep knowledge of a unique creative
mechanism leads Ilariusss to live an evolution.
A regeneration starts on the basis of the first
inventive intent and grows in awareness
aiming at the perfect bond between originality
and versatility.
Each hat with its own identity is structured
with a “head-shaping” technique and, for the
first time, a custom made product is free from
structural limits.
The lining of the hat is shaped to be worn
on a vast range in perfect harmony with its
particular and original nature.
An exclusive custom made product acquires
a unique value with the possibility to satisfy
more dimensions by avoiding any kind of
structural compromise. It becomes a free field
where to seize one’s desires and to have the
luxury to choose each particular.
Beyond the concept of the collection, where
every possibility is feasible, where every
identity can turn into a hat.


Curated by Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi


Since 1896 Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo established “Conceria Guidi Rosellini” at Pescia in Tuscany. Here the art of leather tanning can be traced to the Middle Age, when a guild of tanners and shoemakers existed since the 14th century. Guidi has a story starting at the end of the 19th century. Exactly it was in 1896 when the production began, having as a leading product cowhide obtained from calfskins. The production has always kept up all the original methods, based on the chestnut tree tanning with its astrigent effect to stiff the leathers, and grease on the outer part to make them water resistant. At the beginning of the 90’s the actual owner Ruggero Guidi started a production of shoes and leather accessories using his valuable and particular leathers.

Ruggero Guidi has spent his time and energy looking for the perfect balance between advanced technologies and respect for his heritage of traditions and skills. The “Conceria Guidi Rosellini “ is well known all over the world ans the most demanding designers ask Guidi for special leathers and treatments.

Passion for leather and respect for its tradition are the only meanings of Guidi’s shoe collection project. He refuses the mass production logic being focused on his own independent research beyond all the tendencies. Shoes for all those who really want something unique with a twist of tradition. Shoes that only a craftsman would be able to make, coming in
soft, candid hides or in a distressed, strong smelling, thickened leather.


Limbo captures a spontaneous moment of an aerialist in mid-flight.
Made of gossamer wires hand-woven in a lattice pattern, this dramatic design is both an art piece and a functional lamp.
“Everything I do today is an extension of my creative childhood.” Kenneth Cobonpue


BD Barcelona Design has a long tradition in the porduction and marketing of furniture depicted by Salvador Dalí in his paintings.
BD began in 1991 with the launch of the Leda chair and low table, taken from the painting “Femme à la tête rose” (1935).
In 2016 BD launched the surrealistic armchair Invisible Personage, which featured in the painting “Singularities” in 1935.
As for the materials used BD was looking for a non-synthetic material that could provide long hair for the outside of the armchair and short hair for part of the tread. They found Tibetan sheep shearling, which worked perfectly for the outside, and used ram skin shearling for the tread.