It happens that the unexpected hides in a corner of forgotten promises.
In a state of grace that without warning time has released.
– Fabrizio Caramagna –

Have you ever noticed how much the desire for the unexpected keeps a viewer tied to a work?
The ineffable pleasure of surprise, the attraction for everything that seems to diverge from everyday life. And so, we often return to that work as a mysterious experience, in search of a glimmer of meaning. The mind moves on the flat surface of ordinary speech when suddenly that surface breaks. Here comes the unexpected.
This refers to the fascinating worlds of Borges, Calvino, to the multiple possibilities of the labyrinth and mirrors.
It is unexpected and involuntary that the leitmotif of a LYF issue is often related to that of the previous one. As if our thoughts, in giving life to this magazine, were in constant and coherent harmony. The unexpected was already somehow present in the issue linked to Magical Realism, but now it becomes a central and declared element. LYF Unexpected was born from the desire to explore other points of view, to experiment, but also from the observation of life and its flow, from its multiple folds and nuances, from the infinite unexpected circumstances that often change the cards of everyday life without our having thought about it, planned, imagined. The unexpected we tell you about in this issue aims to subvert the reader’s expectations, awaken a sense of wonder, push to discover new and fascinating realities.

Like that of the artist Wolfe von Lenkiewicz who honored us with an exclusive interview. His works narrate infinite worlds and open up incredible perspectives. They are provocative and seductive. You will love them.
Unexpected are the mysterious faces painted by Itaru Shimamura, with those enigmatic eyes that look like black holes facing the void and placed among large brushstrokes of colour.
Sruli Recht led us through his many creations and offered us numerous insights into fashion, design and of the system economy. Three different characters but who tell, with their work, the unexpected in an absolutely unique way. Our Art Gallery Inspiration came to life with the digital collages of Ecuadorian Beto Valencia depicting a surreal, absurd and eccentric world. Unexpected and incredible in their strength and in the truth they tell are the shots by the photographer Max Vadukul to whom we have dedicated the Tribute of this issue. We offered you a version of the unexpected in the 13 shots of our shooting, involving some of our designer friends in their own interpretation of the subject. Always unexpected and surprising is the world of eyewear, the innovative solutions, the creativity, the research revolving around two temples and a front, the path of the artists and protagonists of this milieu. LYF Unexpected was an exciting challenge for us, I hope it will be for you, too.