Established in 1880 by Jules Morel, the Morel story is one of a family that has been creating eyewear for four generations. Each generation learned from the one that preceded it, and added its own entrepreneurial vision.
Loyal to the pioneering spirit of the Morel family, the brand continues to exceed expectations. Morel has created its own collections, free from constraints and barriers. The company cherishes its freedom, which allows it to unleash creative ingenuity in its designs.
Morel’s secret for a success lasting 140 years lies in its inheritance, expertise and talented workforce.

Inspiration from the French Riviera
The collections presented by Morel at Silmo are creative and innovated. With trendy shapes and colors, the designs are even more daring.
The most recent exciting news this season is the release of a Morel’s exclusive sunglass collection. Inspired by the landscapes of the French Riviera, Morel designers were able to create models that are distinctive. The styles presented are state of the art, cleverly engineered and extraordinary, while staying true to Morel’s DNA.

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