Yayoi Kusama

Special thanks to Yayoi Kusama Museum


First produced in 1961, Yayoi Kusama’s Accumulation or Aggregation is a series of works that consist of repeated identical motifs. This body of art began with two-dimensional collages, using everyday objects such as stickers, before extending into the medium of soft sculpture – domestic objects, including furniture, covered with proliferations of sewn, stuffed fabric phalli. Since then, Kusama has continued to create various types of Accumulation pieces, even now. 
On this occasion, Yayoi Kusama Museum will present the very early pieces from the Accumulation series, as well as photographs and documents related to the series’ production. Through these works, the exhibition will feature how Kusama bridged the artistic boundaries between painting and sculpture in order to represent her compulsive obsession with the hallucinations she experienced as a young girl, as well as her neurotic anxieties over sex and her disgust towards industrially-made food stuff. 
Dots Obsession, an installation exhibited frequently since the late 1990s and perceived as an accumulation of polka dots and a magnified soft sculpture, will be displayed alongside selected works from Kusama’s latest large canvas series My Eternal Soul – presented as her current manifestations of Accumulation.
With such a diverse lineup of works, the exhibition will invite visitors to the world of Kusama’s lifelong practice: Spirits of Aggregation.

The Yayoi Kusama Museum was established by Yayoi Kusama in October 2017 and managed by the general incorporated association, Yayoi Kusama Foundation, with the purpose of presenting, promoting and preserving Kusama’s art through the exhibition of her artworks and related material.
A key aim of the museum is to be a welcoming, educational and inspiring space for broad and diverse audiences; it will transmit the message of world peace and human love, which Kusama has embodied through her work and singular vision during her esteemed career. A series of biannual exhibitions of Kusama’s art will be held, as well as associated lectures.

I have created my long-desired Yayoi Kusama Museum, accomplishing my profound lifelong hope of having everyone be able to see my artwork. This is the greatest inspiration of my entire life.
There is no greater pleasure than having everybody see and feel my philosophy towards life manifested in this Museum: all my love devoted to all beloved humans through a sincere, lifelong endeavor towards art.
With ever greater awe for the people that I love, and the people that wish for world peace, I will keep on fighting until the last day
of my life. I ask you to encourage me with your strength of will. I built the Museum because I wanted to communicate this strong
desire to you all.
Dearest humans, please forever love the Yayoi Kusama Museum, that I love, with all your greatest love.

Thank you and best regards.