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Dark abyss.

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A short film clip, the silhouette of a lonely house, a scream or the shadow of a knife behind the shower curtain…
and everybody knows what’s going on:
Psycho – a classic, but timeless.

The subtle darkness of unbelievable desperation and hopelessness – it can be so much more shocking than some
kind of brainless movie slaughter and masses of fake blood.
The background that causes the deepest abyss in a person’s soul to open can sometimes seem so banal and almost everyday for the outside world – and yet be so frightening.
That’s what great cinema means for me.
And if I could play a role in a movie, then I’m sure I’d prefer to play the part of an investigator. I find it fascinating to think myself psychologically into the role of the perpetrator and to analyze at which fork in the road the person has gone down the wrong path.
But I feel most at home on this side of the screen and reality – almost always without any dark abyss at all…

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“Psycho – a classic, but timeless…”