“I’m very proud of this collection and of the work our team put in bringing it to life. This release draws deeply from Matsuda’s archives and was inspired by France in the 1960s, which is when Matsuda lived there after graduating from fashion school. Each creation has been thoughtfully imagined and executed without compromise. This is historically modern design and we hope you’ll enjoy experiencing our frames as much as we enjoyed creating them”, says Matsuda CEO James Kisgen.

Matsuda’s core philosophy
In a world inundated with disposable goods, Matsuda chooses to anchor itself in the time-honored traditions of craftsmanship and thoughtful design.
The distinctively Japanese approach combines over 50 years of artisanal mastery with cutting edge
techniques in manufacturing. This approach guides a philosophy that is rooted in experimentation and is unmistakably Matsuda. The company celebrates the convergence of past and present and the eclectic result of East meeting West. It trusts in the wisdom of studied craft shaping design and in creating beautiful objects that promote individuality and expression; objects that last a lifetime.

250 steps, 71 hours, 13 craftsmen
Each of the designs is crafted by hand in the renowned eyewear
workshops of Sabae, Japan – requiring up to two years and as many as 250 steps to bring them to life. This is an eyewear created through 50 years of experimentation and creative exploration: each frame reflecting a unique journey from concept to construction. Matsuda never stops seeking new innovative techniques to express fresh ideas.

Masters of metal
Using the finest metals in the world — titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, and 18k solid gold — the master Japanese craftsmen transform raw materials into intricately detailed works of art, employing techniques that few others would attempt: prioritising quality over mass production.

Sculptures of acetate
Matsuda’s Japanese acetate forms are sculpted exclusively from an organic plastic derived from cotton and cured for over three months prior to construction. This delicate process produces uniquely rich colors with unrivaled strength and flexibility. Each piece is then hand-finished by master polishers who have apprenticed for 10 years to perfect their technique, producing a remarkably soft feel, sculpted for a lifetime of hard use.

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