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At Leisure Society we have a madness for life. For special things of integrity with lasting qualities and indelible memories. Mass consumption of experiences that are fulfilling and memorable.
To embrace opportunities that frighten and fulfill. The colorful characters that comprise our company have lived.
From cockfights in Phuket to state dinners at Windsor Castle the chapters languish in lore that comprises a life fulfilled with madness.
Take IOFT 2010 (an optical trade show in Japan) I meet the Nakanishi’s for a quiet dinner and then Henrik Ørgreen and Bill Barton and Tim Cadiente from Barton Perreira for some Sunday night Karaoke.
Tim, Henrik and I decided to go to visit the Tokyo fish market, which represents the world’s largest trading place of its type. Since the market didn’t open until 3, we had some time to kill. Henrik and I broke off and decided to take some “beverages” back to my hotel to share some time.

When checking out of the 7-11 shop we looked down and saw a stack of priest outfits. Without taking, I simply put them on the counter and headed back to the room. Off we went to the fish markets dressed as priests. The one thing you soon realize dressed as a “man of the cloth” (when it’s not yet Halloween) is that people actually believe you are a priest. They move out of your way and you feel as though you need to move slow and majestic.

After a long night of seeing all the various fish, sea life and tuna auctions, we noticed that the sushi restaurants were opening and reckoned that we would be hard pressed to find a fresher experience. With Henrik and I now calling each other “father Ørgreen” and “father Baum” we proceed to indulge in the seafare and rice made refreshments. On the way back to our Hotel, it was decided that we “commandeer” a boat and take a tour of Tokyo harbor. After some research, a boat was obtained and our morning was spent exploring the harbor. Upon returning to our Hotel, still in costume, we had the embarrassment of running into Mr. Barton, whom was enjoying a more healthful breakfast and grabbed our luggage to catch our flights home. Madness.

Other tips

La Font

“NOIR, like the «Série Noire»!”


“To run a company, sometimes, feels like a noir movie…”


“Psycho – a classic, but timeless…”