“Haptic perception” (from apto, to touch and aptomai, to be touched), is the process of recognizing objects through touch, and a possibility of the eyes to advance like touch, going beyond the mere figurative representation of objects. HAPTER is a modern laboratory reinventing eyewear making, occupying the grey area between industrial design (essential and functional, fast and efficient) and artisanal couture (emotional and “materic”, slow and generous). Mixing retro-inspired stylistic elements with progressive design solutions, HAPTER blends supremely crafted statement pieces with timeless essentials. Founded in Belluno, the Italian area which is the cradle of the world’s most prominent eyewear district, HAPTER dissociated from this motionless under-layer: it dissected and deconstructed the ancient mastery of making glasses conducted unchanged through time, and developed its own technique, radical, experimental and highly technical, combining materials of opposite nature like surgical stainless steel and artisanal cotton fabrics or industrial rubber, through special patented receipts that are jealously kept secret.
A continuous exploration within unknown territories, a process inaugurated by the retrieval in 2009 on the Dolomite Mountains of an old pair of glacier military goggles from the 1st World War, an archetype raised by HAPTER to a symbol of independency and change.
HAPTER’s design studio and workshop, Hapterìa, is located in the old burg of Borgo Prà, a secluded and protected village at the Italian foot-hills of the Dolomites territory.

The new patent-pending 8-GON hinge is a work of precision engineering. However, its inspiration is all the way poetic, as it comes from an analysis of HAPTER vision, well represented by the brand original logo.
Clamped by the flexible surgical steel of the temples, molded like a prehensile hand with 2 frontal fingers and an opposite thumb, when in operation it performs a generous and haptic “snap” effect.

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