Kuboraum was founded in Berlin in a former post office on the border between East and West Berlin.
The space, originally converted into a gallery, immediately became the incubator for new projects.
After several metamorphoses, this place includes now a studio, a showroom and a flagship store.

The Berliner Project sets forth a new vision on eyewear based on the variety of exceptional artisanal craft and expertise with a distinct style of craftsmanship.
Under the direction of Livio Graziottin, excellent craftsman, designer and artist, alongside with Sergio Eusebi, anthropologist and brand marketing director, Kuboraum stands for infinite expression and exploration in different field of art, design and communication.

The brand, known for its diverse handcraft techniques, direct carving and scorching as integral part of the aesthetic charm, expanded the acetate eyewear collection in 2015 with the launch of a metal project, the ZSeries.
With deconstructive clarity paired with effortless elegance and high attention to details, all Z-masks are crafted out of bronze with a hand-hammered finishing creating a uniquely subtle surface. All Z-metal frames feature porcelain nose pads; the temples are sectioned and fragmentarily covered with acetate, giving each mask the character of a one-of-a-kind creation.

For Summer 2016 Kuboraum unveiled its first Ceremony Capsule Collection: eight sun masks, white bright blossoms, vivid, exotic hibiscus flowers, palm fronds and softer pastel rose petals. Each mask’s floral embellishment is meticulously handdrawn and -numerated one by one in a highly limited edition, signed by hand by the creator Livio Graziottin, thinking of the pieces as “Wearable Drawings” for a decadent Ceremonial grandeur accompanied by further hand knitted mask concepts evolving into the first pieces of Kuboraum’s EYE COUTURE.

More than mere eye-&sunglasses, Kuboraum stands for a project and evolution, continuously dissolving boundaries between realms of eyewear and art through various mediums in sculptural handcraft treatments on diverse materials, delicate yet powerful embroidery and needlework techniques.
Kuboraum masks are designed ad hoc: they highlight personality and emphasize character, are also synonymous with accentuation, protection and shelter. They look like “cubic rooms” where we can shelter ourselves, where we are free to live in our intimacy, where we live all our identities and look at the world through two lenses. All masks are entirely dreamt in Berlin and handmade in Italy.

Kuboraum’s project started in February 2012 with the Italian artisanal tradition implemented in a Berlin based creative environment.

Hence, dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy.

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