The concept of MASAHIROMARUYAMA is Unfinished Art Beautiful Lines – A form born out of raising a question to perfection Product Concept: Traditional technique + design

In Kawada ward of Sabae city, Fukui prefecture, there is a long-standing factory, where fine craftsmanship and quality go without saying. Spanning half a century well established craftsmen have been using traditional techniques, such as filing and mounting hinges in the traditional Ding-style, which cannot be imitated.

Through in-depth dialogue with these artisans we were able to sniff out subtle nuances, and through the production process we successfully created a finished product. Besides the functionality of the glasses, the overall balance of the frame and the expression of the design are made possible by the artisans’ technical skill.

Careful manufacturing

Each frame is individually shaped by a skilled craftsman by filing the entire surface. This makes it possible to create a wellbalanced combination of rim, end piece, thickness of the temple, and shape of the nose pads fitting on the face very well. The following polishing process enables us to come up with a smooth fit and beautiful luster.

2017 Collection theme: broken

Reconstructing a complete frame once broken.
This unique challenge of reconstructing scattered colors and various textures expands expression, and therefore creates novel impression. Chance selects and skill re-connects – the cutting edge in eyewear. Introducing fresh impression to eyeglasses, this multifaceted collection bearing a variety of possible interpretations can be accredited as an art of incompleteness.
The proposal is therefore a natural and beautiful and incomplete frame.