Jean-François Rey has been designing elegant eyewear for men and women since the 80s. Since he met his wife Joëlle, their love for stylish eyewear has never faded.
In 1995, they set up the Maison Jean-François Rey together to present innovative, high-quality collections of optical frames and sunglasses. The adventure has since continued, based on fresh encounters and enthusiasms, and a philosophy built on high standards, know-how and entrepreneurial freedom. Always following his instinct and passion for the design, he has imposed his offbeat style and his inimitable color language.
In order to expand the offer and retain competitiveness, Joëlle and Jean-François Rey have developed other brands and collections to reach out a wider and more selective clientele. Today, exclusive of licences and collaborations, a team of designers work full-time with them on the whole brands: Jean-François Rey, Boz, Volte Face and Sky Eyes collections.

Creative, innovative and very contemporary, the brand Jean-François Rey is distinguished by the visual strenght of the models, with an infinite palette of colors that gives each frame an absolutely unique style. Vibrant colors, minimalist lines, innovative materials and impeccable finishes, the Jean-François Rey’s collections are identified with their elegance and originality. Between tradition and innovation, everyone can wear Jean-François Rey frames. Discretion or revelation, metal, exclusive acetate or combined, the brand offers a thousand ways to work a silhouette, from the most sober to the most original style. For a differentiating, chic and urban look.
From colorful acetates, trough extremely thin metal, sophisticated combined frames or retro styles… It’s always surprising to see how Jean-François Rey can keep coming up with amazing and innovative collections in such a variety of styles, materials and techniques.

Jean-François Rey DOUBLE JEU
Creative duality is the main concern with DOUBLE JEU. This successful concept is enriched with new models offering architectural metal constructions and distinguished by their outstanding lightness and fineness. Relying on his expertise in the work of colorful metal, Jean-François Rey explores here metal superimpositions, playing exciting graphics visual effects and shock colors through creative combinations.

Jean-François Rey BLOW UP
Consisting of no less than 7 optical frames, the line BLOW UP proposes finest crystalline transparencies thanks to its innovative screwless work that results from a new patented design. Combining metal with acetate, the models stand out for their appealing aesthetic with sleek lines, sophisticated detailing and softly shades palettes that achieve a modernist look with subtle luxury appeal. Matte or glossy finishes on metal achieve augmented softness levels, adding something very special to the models.

Jean-François Rey 1985
Hovering between formality and casual, the new line 1985 proposes an interesting alternative to conventional Classic patterns such as houndstooth fabric, tweed or Prince of Wales become undisciplined and trendy, moving far from their strict heritage, between retro codes and taylorism spirit, featuring a trendy look.

Jean-François Rey CARBONWOOD
The new collection CARBONWOOD is articulated around new styles that combine retro, trendy and contemporary shapes. The work on natural woods combined with colorful carbon fibers in various styles and colors give the line a very special identity.

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